Turn This Christmas Into a Magical Adventure

With TurfHunt, dive into enchanting experiences that will fill your friends and family with festive cheer. Explore magical locations, solve intriguing puzzles, and win delightful rewards along your merry way.

Invite your fellow adventurers to:

🎄 Festive Locations: Uncover enchanting sites ideal for a Christmas-themed treasure hunt.

🎁 Mysterious Riddles: Put your wits to the test and unravel captivating challenges.

❄️ Exciting Competitions: Challenge loved ones to discover hidden treasures in the spirit of the season.

Get started for as low as $19/day

No matter the scale of your event, TurfHunt offers flexible daily licenses, starting at just $19 per day for a single game. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a massive event with hundreds of participants, our platform has you covered. Need to run multiple games simultaneously? Our multi-game licenses allow up to 5 live games, perfect for assigning unique challenges to teams or tailoring games for different groups.

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