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How does TurfHunt work?

TurfHunt is a treasure hunt-style quiz game app that simplifies the creation and enjoyment of scavenger hunt games.

Game Creation: Games come to life through the Creator CMS, an online platform that offers easy game design. Users craft challenges, embed multimedia content, and define locations. Once ready, games are swiftly published to TurfHunt.

Triggered Adventures: TurfHunt’s magic lies in its ability to seamlessly bridge the gap between the physical and digital realms. It does this by utilizing precise maps and location data to trigger media content and challenges the moment participants step into designated locations. Whether you’re exploring the tangible world or embarking on a virtual adventure from anywhere on the globe, TurfHunt ensures an unparalleled gaming experience that’s both immersive and dynamic.

Who Can Benefit? TurfHunt is a versatile tool, perfect for a wide range of users. It caters to explorers, educators, team builders, tour operators, museums, municipalities, and event organizers. Whether you aim to educate, entertain, or connect people with places, TurfHunt has you covered.

Access and Engagement: TurfHunt’s collection of games is accessible from the app’s homepage or through exclusive invitation codes. These games can be enjoyed on mobile devices and offer flexibility in gameplay. You can choose to compete against others or embark on an individual adventure. The best part? TurfHunt’s adaptable platform ensures games are highly customizable to suit a variety of needs.


 Join a thriving global community of adventurers, share your experiences, and create unforgettable moments. With TurfHunt, the possibilities are endless, and the adventure is just a click away. Explore the feature-rich world of TurfHunt today!

Game-Building Mastery

Take charge with our robust cloud-based Content Management System (CMS). Create, test, and go live effortlessly.

Location-Based & Virtual

Delve into location-based games where treasures magically activate using GPS, or opt for global intrigue with virtual quests.

Diverse Challenge Selection

From riddles to memory games, TurfHunt offers a variety of engaging challenges and settings.

Rewarding Exploration

Elevate the excitement by offering enticing rewards and exclusive coupons or irresistible discounts.

Multilingual & Multimedia

Break language barriers and captivate a global audience with multimedia content.

Offline Adventures

Embrace the hunt without internet woes. Once downloaded, games can be played offline, ensuring uninterrupted adventures.

Team Play or Solo Quests

Unite or venture solo. TurfHunt supports multiplayer competition and solitary exploration. Create private games for personalized adventures.

Dominant Leaderboards

Celebrate achievements, track progress, and ignite competition among players.

Flexible Access Control

Customize accessibility effortlessly. Use invitation codes, QR codes, or make games discoverable on the TurfHunt front page. Your adventure, your rules.

Shareable Thrills

Celebrate victories and cherish moments. Players can share challenges, scores, photos to social media with just a click.

Photo Challenges

Customize with plain, sticker-adorned, or drawing options.

Multiple-Choice Questions

Spice up the game with image-based options.

Video challenges

Inspire with 10-20 second video tasks for a dynamic twist.

Open-Ended Questions

Get feedback or encourage creativity and exploration.

Canvas Drawing

Unleash artistic talents on the digital canvas.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Solve puzzles with varying complexity.

Single-Answer Questions

Test knowledge with straightforward questions.

Memory Card Games

Default or custom with easy to difficult levels.

Diverse Challenges

Challenge your adventurers and keep the excitement alive with a rich variety of game elements