Plans & Pricing


At TurfHunt, we believe in making adventure accessible to everyone. Our flexible pricing options ensure that you can tailor your treasure hunt experience to your exact needs. From daily licenses for thrilling events to ongoing plans designed for your long-term projects, we have you covered. For educators and non-profit organizations, we offer special pricing to support your missions. Join us on a journey where adventure meets affordability.

Daily Licenses

No matter the scale of your event, TurfHunt offers flexible daily licenses, starting at just 19 EUR per day. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a massive event with hundreds of solo players or teams, our platform has you covered. Need to run multiple games simultaneously? The Large Event license allows for 3 live games, perfect for assigning unique challenges to teams or tailoring games for different groups. Unlock premium templates and features instantly with the daily license. Take your time to refine your game. When the big day arrives, simply press “begin” to kick off the game!

Ongoing Plans

Explore our range of ongoing plans, including Standard, Pro, and Platinum monthly options. These plans cater to various needs, with differences in live projects, monthly players, and CMS users. 

k12 & Formal Education

At TurfHunt, we believe in supporting educators for a brighter future. That’s why we offer heavily discounted educational licenses tailored to schools and teachers. Our goal is to make our platform accessible for educators, enabling them to gamify learning and engage students interactively. With educational pricing starting at €99/year, teachers can access all our platform’s features at a fraction of the cost. For individual teachers or schools implementing our platform across multiple classrooms, we have the right pricing options.

Non-Profit Organizations

At TurfHunt, we understand the vital role non-profit organizations play in creating positive change. Many of our users are dedicated non-profits leveraging our platform for diverse objectives, from fundraising events to raising awareness for their noble causes. To support these impactful endeavors, we are pleased to offer exclusive discounts to registered non-profit organizations. Simply complete our form, and you’ll unlock savings of 20% off daily licenses, 30% off monthly plans, and an incredible 50% off annual plans. Join us in making a difference, one treasure hunt at a time.