Captivating Transylvanian Adventures: TurfHunt in Action

In the spring of 2023, a team from the Rumanian Public Television, TVR2, embarked on an exciting project to create a new TV show, “Race through History”. The goal was to use immersive treasure hunt games to engage groups of teenagers and students in the historical exploration of the fortified churches of Transylvania while fostering creativity and diversity. Presented by Adriana Irimescu and produced by Anca Berlogea-Boariu, the series showcased the captivating adventures experienced by participants during the treasure hunts.

Enter TurfHunt

TurfHunt was the perfect tool to bring their vision to life. Offering a variety of features, it allowed the team to design captivating challenges that combined historical knowledge with interactive gameplay. The versatile capabilities of the Locatify Builder enabled them to build challenges ranging from quizzes to drawing and photography tasks. This encouraged participants to think creatively and engage with the historical context of the fortified churches in unique ways.

The integration of TurfHunt resulted in a captivating series of games that captured the imagination of participants and viewers alike. By leveraging the Locatify Builder’s capabilities, they created memorable experiences that brought history to life engagingly and interactively.


Locatify and TurfHunt played a pivotal role in transforming historical exploration into an immersive and educational experience. The collaboration enabled the team to deliver compelling adventures that left a lasting impact on participants and audiences.

View the promo video below:

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