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Transform learning into adventure! Create a fun and interactive learning environment for your students by turning your campus, city, park, or school into a real-life scavenger hunt destination with TurfHunt.

Use TurfHunt to teach anything from history, mathematics, science, or languages. By providing an interactive and exciting learning experience, students are more engaged and motivated to participate in class activities. Our location-based treasure hunt games can either be played solo or in teams to promote collaborative learning.

*Teacher: K12 & Formal Education

“TurfHunt gives teachers the ability to create mobile learning experiences that integrate physical exercise, gaming, problem-solving and information retrieval using a tool that all children are comfortable with – their mobiles.”

Alastair Creelman, Professor at Linneaus University, Sweden

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Feature-Rich Solution

TurfHunt is your gateway to a world of adventure enriched with an array of exciting features. Dive into interactive treasure hunts where history and culture come alive, embark on virtual quests that transcend geographical boundaries, and nurture bonds through friendly competition. 

Interactive Adventures

Immerse in treasure hunts that blend history, culture, and excitement.

Anywhere, Anytime

Adventure at physical locations or go global with virtual quests.

Competitive Spirit

Challenge friends and family, fostering cooperation and bonding.

Connected Communities

Join a global community of adventurers, share experiences, and create hunts.