Meet the Revamped Builder

At TurfHunt, we’re on a mission to make adventure creation a breeze for everyone. Our ongoing quest for innovation has led us to a major milestone – the launch of our new and improved Builder (CMS) in an open Beta test. It’s a game-changer!

Streamlined Adventure Crafting

Our design wizards have brewed up a fresh, user-friendly platform tailored explicitly for designing and managing your treasure hunt games. This update comes bearing gifts:

  • Enhanced Usability: Say hello to an intuitive, sleek interface that’s designed to make your adventure creation journey smoother. No more tutorials needed – it’s that intuitive!
  • Revamped Layout: Need a hand? Our personalized interface guide will lead the way if you’re feeling lost amidst treasures.
  • Simplified Editing: No more tech jargon! Edit your content effortlessly, sans the HTML fuss.
  • Easy Map Customization: Custom maps are now a breeze with our drag-and-drop feature. Position your custom map effortlessly.

Starting Your Adventure

Ready to embark on this new quest? Dive into the Beta and experience the difference! Click “Try Beta” on the top bar while logged into the platform. Have suggestions or encountered a hiccup? Let us know through the “Report Issue” button next to “Leave Beta.”

The Beta will run for a few weeks while we perfect it. In the meantime, you can opt in and out whenever you wish.

This isn’t just an update – it’s a fresh start. Join us as we continue this adventure of innovation, refining, and enhancing your treasure hunt creation experience!

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